5 weeks!




Author of this post:

CBS Volunteer 2014/15 Tamara


5 Weeks! It has been 5 weeks since I came to Ghana but to me it seems it has been far longer. I don’t know why I have this feeling, it is not that time doesn’t pass because I don’t have anything to do. The opposite is the case, at work, the day goes by so fast.. when I look again, the day is already over. Maybe by the time we didn’t have internet units at school, I could not continue my work on this page and on the Internet in general, so I sometimes didn’t have anything to do, but then I just sat by the tailor next to the school or I went to the Vodafone office to chat with the people there. (There are two CBS students working there) So even if there is nothing to do, time goes by in Navrongo. That is even something I like so much here, the time! People have time! As I sad, I go to the Vodafone office, and they have time to sit with me and chat! I go to the shop in front of the school and the lady working there has time to talk to me and even call a friend of her to do my hair. At my place, she would not even remember me the next day I come to buy something. Surprisingly, even though time here is not goods in short supply I feel stressed at times during the work day. When there are a lot of customers and students at the same time, my patience gets tested. That people here often don’t understand my English doesn’t make it better. Anyway, patience is something I will need a lot of in the next months. The fact that there is ALWAYS someone visiting at the house is a source of entertainment and one reason I hardly ever feel bored, but at times it needs patience, even more for an only child like me, raised by a single parent. Always having someone around me is a big change and I am not used to it, but what am I talking, I am facing so many changes, I’m sure I can take this one in addition. And after all, when things get rough, I can always close the door to my room and take some time for myself.🙂


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