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CBS Volunteer 2014/15 Tamara

Mary appeared in Navrongo! THE happening in Navrongo on Tuesday was that Mary (Yes, Mary as in Mother of Jesus), resp. her spirit, appeared in Navrongo. Unfortunately I didn’t go to see her but I heard the miracle attracted almost the whole town.
Yes, most people in Navrongo (and Ghana?) are very religious and a lot of them go to church on Sundays. I went there too, last Sunday and it was interesting to see how it goes, even though the last time I was in church at home was maybe 10 years ago, I remember that it is quite different here. There is a lot of music, some people dance and at the end everybody walks (or dances) to the front of the church and gives some money into the collection box and then this whole procedure is repeated. So they make good money with this.. They even reveal to the people the amount they get by this, and the Sunday before I went there they collected about 1000 Ghana Cedis! (For my Swiss readers this is about 300 CHF, a lot of money over here!)
I don’t remember if they do this in church at my place, too, but I’m sure there is some form of collection. Maybe they do it a bit more discreet.. Anyway this was something I didn’t like about the whole thing, I can’t imagine they need 1000 Cedis per week for maintenance of the church and salaries? But rather someone is making big money!
I enjoyed the rest of the mass service, though. A part of it was in Kasem but I liked the songs and the atmosphere.
Still, church will not become my Sunday activity.

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