Lights off, Lights off, Lights off!




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CBS Volunteer 2014/15 Tamara



Lights off, Lights off, Lights off! Today is one of these lights-off-days, when the lights go off for about 4 or 5 times a day. Usually I don’t find it a big problem, it doesn’t even take long until it comes back, so that is fine. But at the school with all the computers it’s quite disturbing. All the work that gets lost when somebody didn’t save his documents often enough! And for sure the on-off-on-off-thing spoils the computers.. So as I am writing this now I hope the lights will stay until I upload it.
People seem to get very upset with this, which I can understand, they pay their light bills and what they get is constant lights off and spoiled gadgets. (At least, that is what the big discussion was at the tailor’s next to the school during the lights off   today 🙂 )

Tomorrow, I will attend a funeral, my first funeral in Ghana! Well, that sounds macabre, I have attended only one funeral in Switzerland my whole life and I am not unhappy about it. But I am now very curious about this traditional funeral in Navrongo.  So,  we will know more by monday🙂










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