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CBS Volunteer 2014/15 Tamara


I just realised I haven’t posted anything about the most important aspect of life 😉 Food!

Some of my friends, who are hopefully reading this, know how much I like taking pictures of my food, so I am not going to disappoint them by not posting pictures of aaall my favorite dishes I eat here. But surprisingly, I haven’t done so yet. So far I have only snapped pictures of the strange meat I am eating here, so I will start with those. With time, I will be snapping pictures of my favorite dishes and introduce them to you.

So I start with dog meat, which is a delicacy here and very expensive. I last ate it Saturday after the funeral. I have to admit it tastes really very good!


It is spiced with pepper, as Ghanaian food often is quite hot and Gordon loooves hot food.


This too is dog meat, in a less appetizing picture 😉


This is the head of a goat, which I have not tried, I just find it funny to snap pictures of it and put it into my blog^^ This was inside the market at a butcher’s. People eat a lot of goat meat here and as they eat every part of the animal, I am sure they eat the head, too.


Intestines of a goat. This one too was snapped at a butcher’s inside the market place. What I have tried so far is gut (if that is the right word) of a goat and pancreas. The taste was o.k. but the thought of eating something like this somehow made me not like it.

Anyway, I want you to see that people here really eat every part of the animal (even the bones) and the parts people at Switzerland maybe would not want to eat over here are even considered the best parts. 🙂
And now I am done with poking the cliches about “Africa” and I will continue with the rest of the food from here which is sooo delicious.

To be continued soon..







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