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CBS Volunteer 2014/15 Tamara


Wow, I am having a lot to tell, currently. I am even a bit late, actually. My “new” hairstyle! I am wearing it for 3 weeks now. Twists. (Like braids, but with only two hair strands.) It took her around 5 hours to do it, last time I did braids in Switzerland it took 10 hours and the first time even 16 hours. But those ones were much smaller then the ones I am wearing now, I have to admit. Anyway, in Switzerland I used to pay around 1200 GHc (400 CHF) and here I paid around 60 GHC (20 CHF).


Anyway, they got spoiled already, I have to remove them this weekend and by next weekend I am going to do it again, maybe the small ones, this time ’round 🙂 With this fantastic prices, I am going to try every hairstyle known in Ghana and I will share each one with you people 😛





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