Fooooood 2 & Drink ;)



Author of this post:

CBS Volunteer 2014/15 Tamara



“Bofrot” (I am sure this is not the way to spell it but that’s the best I can do)

I am almost sure every country has something like this. Fried dough, basically. In Switzerland we have Quarkini or Berliner, which are similar to this one, in Senegal they have Beignets and I have tried the Syrian version of it, the Brazilian version and so on. Anyway, this is what I eat during the day between the meals and I just love it.


“Tobani” (Once again, I am sure the spelling is not correct, but there is no one around to ask at the moment.)

It is made out of beans (black eyed peas I think?) and is eaten with pepper and oil. Surprisingly, it tastes a bit like chocolate, although salty.. Not easy to explain.


“Pito” a drink made out of millet, which is usually drunk out of this bowls. It contains little alcohol, almost nothing and the taste is bitter or sour, I’m not sure. (Schmoeckt echli wie suure most, aber isch suure most suur oder bitter?)


Gordon and his cousin Ernest at a drinking spot. The most common Ghanaian beers are “Star” and “Club” of which I prefer Club. They are usually sold in 0.625 L bottles (!) at around 3.50 GHc (1 Franke und oeppis!).









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