Fela, Fela!



Author of this post:

CBS Volunteer 2014/15 Tamara


One thing I am not sure I will ever get used to is the way people stare at me when I pass somewhere and small children yell “white lady” after me. I don’t like it. Not at all. But I guess I have to understand, I might be the first or at least one of the first white persons they have seen in their life. There is this little song they sing or better, yell at me when I pass on the bike or by foot, it goes: “Fella, Fella, good morning, Kasena, Kasena D’n waru” I can even hear the children’s voices when I write it down, it follows me everywhere I go. I wonder if they learn it in school, as they are all “singing” the very same thing. (No matter if it is evening or afternoon, they stick with the “good morning”)

Then there is this other species that likes to annoy me because of my colour; men! The frequency of the proposals I get is amazing. I meet a man for the first time, we talk and at some point he wants to marry me and is very sure he is deeply in love with me. In the beginning it was funny and I might have even taken it as a compliment but I got to realise my color is the only criteria of those proposals. Positive racism! I never thought that could be so annoying. It got to the point that I start to like the ones who don’t “love” me, like the vodafone people (except for one) and that’s why I like it a lot to hang out there.
But who knows, I come home and miss all the attention and “admiration” that is given to me here😉

The irony is at home I am also not considered white white, but rather “morena”, “mischling”.. maybe someone can help me out with the english word?

By the way:

Me, Gordon and Bary

Big visit from Burkina Faso last week🙂

Song of the week: Don’t worry, be happy😛

Food of the week: Chicken, chicken and chicken

Drink of the week: Club, Club, Club

3 great days..

(and nights.. for some more than others. :’D)






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