Hair #2, Weddings and School Beginnings.



Author of this post:

CBS Volunteer 2014/15 Tamara


Good morning!

Let me introduce you to hairstyle #2. It took me 15 hours, a lot of nerves, back pain and 62 GHc (ca. 20 CHF) and I am happy with the result. Curious, for how long it will last, but happy. With this my natural hair, doing hairstyles like that is like paying in advance and enjoying later. Meaning, when I wear my hair in a puff, like I used to do back home, every night before sleeping I have to either braid it or twist it, and the next morning comb it and put some products. Or maybe if I am very lazy, I just cover my hear with a satin scarf and sleep, but I pay for that the next morning! Combing will be so hard work. So with these hairstyles, I don’t have to do anything again. I just tie it loosely and sleep. That’s it. But to do the hairstyle, as I said, 15 hours, nerves, back pain, etc. etc. So last weekend I have done all the work I usually do in the mornings and evenings “in advance” and for the next 1 or 2 months I am free😉
(PS: If the difference to the previous hairstyle is not clear on the picture, here a hint: The twists are far far far smaller. and shorter.)


Me and Emmanuel, one of the CBS’ teachers who took me to the wedding.

So this is the wedding cloth. The groom chose it and most of the guests went to sew a dress out of this cloth to wear at the wedding, including me.

The bride and the groom

The ceremony started at Bolgatanga, a town ca.20 minutes from Navrongo. I missed that part and only joined them in Navrongo. There, the ceremony started at the groom’s family house. The couple symbolically entered the house and bribed the brothers’ wifes so that the new wife can be added to them. After that, the couple and other groups of people came to the middle of the guests to dance and one woman was talking and talking and I was not understanding a word.

We then continued to the groom’s house (which will now be the couple’s house) and were there served drinks and food. Well, we were served drinks(non-alcoholics, as it was a Muslim wedding) , for the food we had to fight with the rest of the guests at the buffet. It was a true struggle! People were pushing and kicking and shouting. I would have laughed if I wasn’t so hungry.
But the food was good in the end, rice with stew and macaroni (alias spaghetti) and “salad”.I understand the groom already announced that this one will not be his last wife. As he has the right to up to 4 women and he seemed to be a wealthy man, why not…..

            dancing, dancing, dancing

I made videos of the dancing and dancing and I edited them into one nice video (Yep, I am becoming a computer – pro!)
But I am sure it is to big to upload here with this internet connection.

So this week, not only a big week for most of my friends in Switzerland – first week at university! – but here, too. Yesterday, Tuesday was supposed to be re-entry to school, with our NVTI (“Secretary”) Students. Just that, at 7 AM in the morning, after 2 very hot days (with lots of light offs), the rain came, and it came big. As we usually do with this heavy rain, we put out some buckets to collect the rain water for bathing and flushing and so on, and this time we could fill every single bucket plus the container with rain water, it simply did not stop! So at the end of the day, we didn’t open the school, but we filled up our water reserves^^
At least today, I am here with some of the students. As it is the first day, there will not yet be a lot of teaching, but rather cleaning, as this is one of the students’ duties, and maybe discussing some administrative things.






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