They see me rollin’, they hatin’



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CBS Volunteer 2014/15 Tamara



Mini neusti erungeschaft!

I am now cruisin’ through Navrongo with this beautiful bicycle and I am seriously in love with it. I have never been a big fan of sports, but it feels good to do some small exercises from time to time, it makes me more patient. And patience is so much needed here.
I bought it this past saturday for 180 GHc (ca. 60 CHF) and it was totally worth it!


My breakfast and lunch today. Not looking extraordinary I know, a bit like risotto, but its rice with wheat and fish and some sauce. Very tasty.


Fried Chicken. yuuuupiiiiiiiiiiiiii :))))))  What is the best meat you can get and one of the best foods in general? Chicken! and what is the best thing you can do to food? Fry it! So you can not do better than with fried chickeeen.
When somebody asks me about Ghana and my stay here I usually don’t know where to start and what to tell them because there is simply too much. It is not that so many things are new for me or so many things are different. Everything is new for me and everything is different. It feels like another world, like I left the planet I grew up in  in this 7 or so hours of flying! And still, now that I sit here in front of the computer I don’t know what again to write.
Don’t get me wrong, I have started getting used to lots of things long time ago, but there still are many things I get to know or I realise them only now. In this 2 months (past Friday was my 2-months-aniversary!) there has not been one day I didn’t learn or see something new. That is amazing, and sometimes difficult.
And then, on the other hand side, I’m feeling surprisingly “home”. Not all the time of course, but in certain moments and situations. For example when walking (or now riding) on the dusty streets, or bathing with the water buckets or buying things for breakfast in the morning..
In some moments I also feel homesick, though. Or something similar to homesick at least, but about that in the next posts.


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