Immigration Service



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CBS Volunteer 2014/15 Tamara



I just came from the Immigration Office in Bolgatanga, a town ca. 20 min from here by car, because every visitor to Ghana, in addition to the visa has to extend the visitor’s permit every 60 days. So that means either go to the Immigration office and ask for extension or just cross the border and come back. As at the border to Burkina Faso, which is less than 20 minutes from here, they told us the visa to enter Burkina Faso would cost more than 200 Dollars, we then went to Bolgatanga to ask for extension. There, I pay 50 GHc (ca20CHF) per month of extension. But when we got there, they told us we have to bring a letter with letter head (very important) in Gordon’s name saying what I do here in Ghana etc. So I went back there today to bring that letter and now the boss of this whole Immigration Service in Bolga wants to see Gordon and as he today is working in another village, Chuchuliga, he could not come with me, so I will have to go again tomorrow for the third time, just for this other 60 days!! As if I was planning on working illegally or hiding here. And when I ask why the boss wants to see Gordon, the answer I was given was “That doesn’t concern you.” I am seriously upset with this place. And they made me wait for 40 minutes or so! What reconciled me a bit was that the other workers there were really nice and one of them even picked me on his bike to go back to town after I finished, if not, I would have walked for some 30 minutes.

Anyway, a funnier fact about Ghana: Whenever a holiday falls on a weekend, it is postponed to Monday, to make sure there will be an extra day-off.😀 Sunday, it was Kwame Nkrumah’s, the first president of Ghana, birthday and for that reason, yesterday, Monday, was a holiday!

And today is my mother’s birthday, happy birthday mami :)) I miss you. Bis bald!






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