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CBS Volunteer 2014/15 Tamara


I am now writing from the hostel in Accra. Friday I picked my mom and Stefan at the airport and here we are. Today we went to the beach, yesterday we did some sightseeing, but the main thing we – or rather I – have been doing is eating🙂 I am really enjoying the continental food available in Accra. Just before I left Navrongo I had Typhoid (Typhus), I felt very sick, my stomach was paining me and so on and so on and the sickness somehow lowered my apetite for local food, so I am quite lucky to be in Accra just now, a cosmopolitan city.

My first day in Accra after two months in Navrongo was overwhelming. So many white people, I am no longer spaghetti amongst rice (yep, that is the best metaphor I can think of). So much food, everything I have been missing is here! So many cars, so much noise, so many places to go, so many things to do.. Quite a contrast to Navrongo, to where we will be going in some few hours. (By bus again – can we top 18 hours?)
Even though it is an exciting city and in some ways certainly more entertaining than Navrongo I am happy to stay there and not here. I like Navrongo, I like not losing too much time in traffic but going everywhere by bike. I like waking up to the cock crow and Kwame’s music. I like bathing and washing bowls without running water. I like it that there are (almost) no beggars in Navrongo. I like to live in a small, familiar town.
But I definitely want to come back once in a while, maybe when I need another break from the local food or if I want to win a round of Mini Golf…😉

So, here we come, Navrongo!



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