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CBS Volunteer 2014/15 Tamara


It started last Saturday, my second sickness since my arrival. That day I was cleaning and organizing the school’s office which was a task I enjoyed to do and the result made me even more happy. I will upload a picture soon and the few people among you who have seen the office in it’s original state ( I am even angry that I didn’t take a picture by that time, that would have been a great before/after!) will be surprised! ;P
In the evening though, despite all pride of the office, I started to feel sad and I missed my old life (which, I have to admit, some weeks before coming here consisted of sleeping, eating and going out.) and my friends and family! Same thing on Sunday, a critical day anyway; not much to do and that Sunday they even put the lights off for the whole day, so entertainment was truly a scarce good.  I was lucky and I am grateful that after I called a friend (called Anuga, he is sitting here next to me and forcing me to mention it) to come and rescue me he took me to Paga, a town near Navrongo, right at the border to Burkina Faso, to sit and drink something.

Now, how did I recover from the sickness? Work. Enjoying my daily life. Whereas some days before I was  getting tired of explaining the same thing over and over again to students who have never used a computer before and the remaining tasks were so many that they confused me and even frustrated me, on Monday I enjoyed all my work and I saw all the good things again, the interest of the students, their hardworking and their progress.  And I could calm my mind with the fact that I had achieved one of my goals by organizing the office. And now I have more plans for next Saturday, I hope I will stay healthy this time ’round.😉

Another thing that helps me a lot in rough times is home food. Luckily Grand Visit from Switzerland brought so many things for me to satisfy my desires! Microwave-fondue, chocolate, ingredients for cakes, (fideli- and other) soups, Spaghetti sauces, Nutella, etc. etc. :)) Thank you, Mommy, Stefan and Melanie!!!
One thing that has been making me smile the whole day is that today’s supper will be Spaghetti à la Pesto with Fondue.. hmmmmmmmmm😉






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