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CBS Volunteer 2014/15 Tamara


I suddenly wondered, do my dear readers even know what kind of school it is that I work in?

At the moment we have 8 NVTI Students and 10 DBS Students.
The NVTI Students come in the morning at 8 AM and close at 1:45 PM. Their subjects are English, Typing (with Typewriters!), Office Practice and Administration and ICT (Computer skills), that is what I am teaching at the moment, because the ICT teacher has left us some weeks ago. After schooling for 2 years, they write the National Final Exam and, hopefully, get an NVTI Certificate. With that they can now apply for secretarial jobs. Some of our students who completed in the past 3 years (we are currently having the 4th badge) are now working in internet cafes and bookshops in Navrongo.

The DBS (Diploma in Business Studies) Students come in the “evening”; at 3 PM until 6 PM. Their subjects are Business Communication, Office Practice and Administration, Business Law, Marketing, Shorthand, Typing and Economics. We are currently having the first badge and they will hopefully get their Diploma next June.

As you know, the school is located in Navrongo, which is in the Upper East Region of Ghana. This region is one of the least privileged regions in Ghana and in Navrongo,  there are not many options for further education. A lot of the people living here cannot afford to attend or let their children attend a school far away and even if they struggle to do so the poor public transportation will often keep them away from school.

The aim of the school is to create a new alternative for the youth in Navrongo and make it accessible for them through low school fees. The focus is on young girls, as girl’s education is known to have a bigger impact on the student’s family and finally the society. Besides, it is harder for girls to gain access to education, as the patriarchal culture and tradition in Navrongo and Upper East often favors the male children.
The school’s team consists of six teachers (and me:) who have to be paid  (and don’t forget of electricity and maintenance costs) and combining this with the aim of offering the education at very low fees, as you can imagine, is not easy.

So currently, I am teaching Computer classes to “external” students, courses like introduction to computer, Microsoft Word, Excel and so on. Then as I said I am teaching ICT to the NVTI Students in the morning and doing some administrative work. Right now, I am waiting for my last student who comes at 4 PM.

Impressions of my workplace

Lesson “Group Discussion” in the second classroom



Me and some of the NVTI students


Notice board


The internet cafe


The office (as I said, I wish I had a “before” – picture)






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