One day in Navrongo



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CBS Volunteer 2014/15 Tamara



To give you an impression of my daily life..

.. It’s 6:30 AM, time to wake up. Not by the unpleasant noise of an alarm, but just by.. ya, until today I cannot really tell what it is, that makes me wake up every day (Aham, even Saturday and Sunday!) between 6 and 6:30 AM – if I stay up reeeally late, maybe 7 AM – is it the music playing in the drinking spot (almost) in my room, is it the cocks crowing or the bulls mooing? Is it the sun enlightening my room or is it just because that is the time the town wakes up – some kind of peer pressure?🙂 I really cannot tell, but fact is, every day I wake up at this unholy time of the day without any problem or tiredness or – in need of an English word – “ashiss” and that alone is something I never thought would be possible. (Oh, and by the way; I love waking up to the music, not only the drinking spot’s but also the animal’s music, the first time I heard the bull “mooing” I thought it was an elephant. ^^ :D)
To wake up my brain in addition to the body the first thing I do is to wash all the dishes from yesterday  – another thing, I am sure at least my mum never thought  would be possible – and I like doing it, I realised I like washing dishes more when there is no running water.
By now my stomach is up, too, but because I have not really found any food here I like to take for breakfast, I just drink some Milo, that is hot chocolate made out of “chocolate powder” and water (proportion 1:1) and I also heat water for Gordon’s coffee and any possible visitor (Yep, there are people out there who visit people at 7 AM). And indeed, my planning is rewarded – one of Gordon’s friends shows up. We sit small, chat and watch the news before I go to bath and dress.

As today, Friday, ICT is the first lesson on the timetable I rush with my bicycle to school, but of course, I am one of the first to arrive there.😉 Still, I start the day with the few students present. First, I want to see whether they remember yesterday’s topic, “FormatPainter”. I make them write two sentences, format the second one according to my instructions and then copy the formatting to the first one. The results are okay. Most of them remember almost everything, I am satisfied, so we continue with the content. As on Friday I don’t have any computer students in the morning – respectively my students are supposed to practice on their own on Thursday and Fridays – I have time for different things, so I go to the office to try to finish the video of the funeral I went to on the weekend. I am supposed to burn it on CDs for one of Gordon’s friend, but unfortunately the video seems to have a problem. After not finding a solution, I continue with editing one of our web pages – an interest I discovered here in Navrongo, I never knew I am into web design and these things.

One of my Vodafone friends has been asking me to snap some pictures of him and print them and today being one of the relaxed days, I go there. Luckily for my stomach, after the shoot I am invited to eat Gari with yazi (?) and groundnut paste. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture -.- But Gari looks like powder made out of corn (or so?) and groundnut paste I am sure you can imagine, Erdnusspaste. It was delicious!! And for the first time since July, desert after a meal! Watermelon🙂

Good, with a happy stomach I can now go through the ICT syllabus for the morning students, and try to make a plan as to how and when to take them through what. Because it seems we will not get a new ICT teacher anyhow soon. After that, I am now sitting here, writing this reconstruction of my day before my afternoon  (or how they call it here, “evening”) students come.

After the class with them, I will try to arrive at the house before it gets dark, because my bicycle’s light, resp. the generator, does not work. And then I will think about what food to cook or buy with Gordon – that is, if he has not yet cooked by then because as the teachers are on strike, these days he is not working. Then, who knows, today being a Friday, we will go to Kwame’s drinking spot before sleeping. But that is just a guess, as spontaneity is – and needs to be -my motto here😉









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