Happy New Year!



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CBS Volunteer 2014/15 Tamara


It has been a while… My first christmas in Ghana is over. It was not the most busy christmas, but what we did on christmas day was to kill a duck and eat it with rice and groundnut soup. I did not so much participate in the killing, I was more of an observer, and that was more than enough:/


Anyway, the meat was nice!
Another thing going one here during christmas time were the festivals. There was de “fiok” festival in Sandema and then the “fao” festival in Navrongo. Both meaning “harvesting time”. The attraction of the festivals were the war dances. Even though I asked several people several times, I have not yet found out the actual meaning of those war dances, but it, obviously, is a tradition. So, let’s take a look at it.

This is the Navrongo festival, the dancer you are watching is according to my sources a wizard and this is the explanation why the sharp knifes do not cause the man any harm. Furthermore you see their traditional war dance – dressing.
As you can imagine, that was a very, very interesting day for me🙂

So, today being 31st, I failed to wish you all a merry christmas but I do wish you a thrilling New Year and hope you will have the chance to celebrate it extraordinarily.

Small epilogue – I read it on Facebook this morning – Tomorrow you are going to write the first page of a 365 paged book; write a good one!










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