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CBS Volunteer 2014/15 Tamara


Some two days oo!😉 On the 19th of January my friend and now junior sister Laura arrived at Kotoka airport in Accra. We started our trip from there and spent 5 days in the capital. After a frustrating first day at the immigration office, we went to see typical sightseeing places on the second day.



Accra Star Guests:


The second day was more relaxing, at the beach of Kokrobite (pronounced Kokrobite, not Kokrobait as a Non-Ghanaian like me might think and then get laughed at ;))


Ah, that day, if I think well, the relaxing was a bit disturbed by, well, white-women-hunting men. And, frankly and less polite speaking, these people were so annoying, by noon we had to leave and go back to Accra.

It was better in Ada foah, the next day, where we were the only ones (!) at the whoole beach of Maranatha (or so).
Unfortunately because the Trotro took 4 hours to bring us to Ada foah, we arrived late and couldn’t spend the whole day, but we enjoyed anyway…

20150123_132824IMG_20150123_131534 20150123_132756

The following day, we continued to Cape Coast, a two hours drive from Accra, peanuts, after the Ada Foah trip.



Elmina and Cape Coast Castles were both used as “slave castles”.
After the Portugues settled in Elmina in the 16th century, the castles were used for keeping slaves from 1700 until the abolishment of slavery. And by keeping I mean torturing, humiliating and treating like animals. I know you know, but seeing it like this is seriously painful.



The last day in Cape Coast we spent in Kakum Nationalpark. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any animals, but we did walk from tree to tree 40 metres from the ground.


And from here, on went we to the cutest part of the trip

IMG-20150129-WA0000 IMG-20150129-WA0024 IMG-20150129-WA0034

BARY.. ehm.. Kumasi🙂

So, now we are back to good ol’ Navrongo (<3)


and first place to go was, of course: A funeral!
#wearingred #drinkingpito #nicestofallclutches

And now? Enjoying CBS and waiting for Paga crocodiles, Sirigu pottery art and Mole Nationalpark😉






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