Travel Ghana with my Junior Sister Part 2



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CBS Volunteer 2014/15 Tamara



It took some courage, even to snap pictures of it from more or less far away. Laura’s insulting and threatening me to snap faster did not make it any better.😉
But very interesting, especially when they threw the small, squeaking chicken into the crocodile’s huge mouth. The crocodile chew and chew and chew this chicken but it didn’t get any smaller. It seems the goal was rather to kill the chicken in order to then swallow it as a whole! Still, we could hear some bones crackin’.

IMG-20150212-WA0001 IMG-20150212-WA0002

Next Destination: Sirigu

That is a place where women of the area produce traditional pottery, and wall art.
Unfortunately there is not too much to see, but they took us to one of the traditional houses and showed us around.


Some of those houses have really very tiny “doors”. One of me and Laura’s typical “we-shoudn’t-laugh-in-this-situation-and-that’s-why-we-even-have-to-laugh-harder”-moments ocurred when we had to lay flat on the ground and then wind and curl us through the opening into the small hut… :’D

Inside the pottery art area there is a statue of Kofi Anan, who came to visi Sirigu Pottery Art in 2002. I understand the village Sirigu hosted more people than Accra that day, a likely story!


Mole National Park

While Mole Nationalpark was one of the highlights of our trip, the journey to that place was just something.. terrible!

First three hours in a Trotro to Tamale, from where we were supposed to take another bus to Mole. Only that we never saw that bus. It was supposed to arrive around 3 PM, the time we also arrived at the station. No bus. So we waited, and waited, and waited, bought food, drinks, slept, read a book… until finally someone came to ask whether we were going to Mole. Our hearts jumped, only to then hear the person say “The bus has left 15 minutes ago”… ?!!!!!

Angry and frustrated we did not have any alternative to taking a taxi which charged us 150 GHS and even cheated us by taking additional 40 GHS.

Fortunately. the next day compensated us for the horrible day.




IMG_20150208_084712 IMG_20150208_090835

Later, a relaxing bath in the swimming pool, where at a point in time a monkey also came to keep us company🙂


Well and then, after the demoralizing match on Sunday, what was left was only the journey back to Tamale Airport..

See you soon, favorite Junior Sister !😉







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