My Arrival


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CBS Volunteer 2015 Till



On Sunday, 1st of March, I arrived in Ghana at the Airport in Accra. Despite the complicated visa, I had to fill out some form again, but there were even no pens so I had to ask somebody to lend me his. After that they even took my fingerprints and a picture of my face. Why would I have to go through all this, if I only stayed 2 months?

After all this immigration stuff I was very happy to be received by Yooku, an exchange student who came to live with me and my family in Switzerland for 1 year. He lives in Accra and now we finally meet again. He told me that everything is more complicated in Africa and that there is a lot of bureaucracy. When I arrived in Navrongo the next day, Gordon and Tamara were very welcoming, which made getting used to the new conditions of living a lot easier.

The people in Navrongo were very welcoming too and the food here is sooo nice. 🙂  Because I knew it would be useful and because I love to ride, I already bought myself a bicycle and I am enjoying it a lot. The bicycles here and also most of the motorbikes are from Japan, there are still some stickers on them with Japanese letters. The bike itself is also a bit different than most of the bikes in Switzerland, but the differences are minor, for example the brakes for the front wheels are on the right hand, so just the opposite of Swiss bikes. Riding around Navrongo, I can see how car accidents are the most common death in Ghana. You really have to be careful, especially at crossroads, because the motorbikes and the cars really drive carelessly sometimes. In Navrongo riding is rather safe if you are careful, but I can imagine the danger of the traffic in bigger cities.

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