Will I ever?



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CBS Volunteer 2014/15 Tamara


Many of you might know already due to immense Navrongo-likeness my flight had been postponed for two months. The final date is now 16th April. Three weeks to go!
I am really under pressure with preparations for my departure – like sewing of dresses, buying all the things I want to send home, doing my hair, etc. etc. Despite that, I still do not feel as if I am leaving this place in three weeks time. I mean, my head knows I will not be eating TZ again, I will not see my dear NVTI students again, I will not have visitors at 6:00 in the morning again, and I will not be waking up by cock crows, cow mooings, drinking spot music and drunk people’s voices again. But I do not feel as if I will not be having and doing all these things again. It seems I don’t even remember the place I left.

Don’t get me wrong, I am so much looking forward to seeing my tiny godchild, my friends and my family again, but the point is: They are there and they remain there for now, but Navrongo, will we ever meet again? Will I ever be annoyed by the students’ not-understanding and happy with the successes we achieve together again? Will I ever sit in this office again, working on the next step forward together with Eric, Willie and Gordon? Will I ever feel angry again by Gordon’s sudden disappearings and will I ever see his big, non-directoral smile again? Will I ever stand in this kitchen again, helping with the cooking, amazed by the amount of work for just one meal? Will I ever “sit somewhere and take one one” again?

Oh, Navrongo.




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