Teaching Computer Without Light



Author of this post:

CBS Volunteer 2014/15 Tamara


Sitting here, writing my next Blog entry on a piece of paper, because the lights went off as I was teaching. Unbelievable how annoying it is to be teaching, happy with the progress we are making every day, eager to teach more and more and to make them see the greatness and endless possibilities of the internet and all of a sudden, the room is black. Not a single source of light. So you make your way out of the room, and wait, annoyed at the sudden stopping of your ambitions.
1:30 PM – 15 minutes left until they close for the day. The light comes back, you tell them to hurry up, boot the computers again, start the internet, in order to make the best of the last minutes.

Fine, you start again, explain the process of saving a picture from Google, explain things about the copy right that only people who write a theoretical test about computers have to know and boom – the lights are off again. You give up, tell them to go, plan to use two hours instead of one, tomorrow. Mahama!





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