De N Lei Navrongo!

Elaine Jeanette

Author of this post:

CBS Volunteer 2016 Jeanette


I’m so excited for this opportunity to be an intern with CBS Navrongo this summer. I arrived in Navrongo five days ago and my first class was actually today! I’m teaching a public speaking class, but honestly I am learning far more than I am teaching.

However, I have a great deal that I don’t yet understand. I think it can be easy to be overwhelmed by small details and what I do not know, but I have to remind myself that learning takes time, patience and perseverance. I do not know all of the greetings in the local language, I don’t know how to make Banku, and I still haven’t figured out how to make friends here because of language barriers. Yet…I do now know:

1.) How to HAND-wash my clothes (I was taught by Mr. Gordon, he truly is a teacher at heart).

2.) How to make “Impotu-potu”  (a dish with yams and vegetables). This was taught to me by sweet Melanie.

3.) How to apologize when you take something… or give something with your left hand.

4.) “De N Lei!” which is Kasenna  for “Hello!”

5.) And how to survive without running water (I’m still adapting to this one).

It’s been fun, challenging, and I’m learning more than I could ever imagine. Stay tuned for more blogs (coming soon) about my classes.


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About the author:
Jeanette is a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and was our first volunteer from the United States. Jeanette conducted a Public Speaking Skills class from May until July 2016. She also helped with publicity of CBS to the local community, writing newsletters and she conducted interviews for the newest CBS video on volunteering opportunities.

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