A Heart to Serve

Elaine Jeanette

Author of this post:

CBS Volunteer 2016 Jeanette


Today is my second class meeting at CBS. For the first class meeting I had about five students in the first group, and 14 in the second group. My first group of students are avid learners. I have a young man named Nelson in this class. Nelson is a teacher who wanted to attend the class to learn how to better communicate with his students. In the second class I have a young lady named Vivian who confidently volunteered to read a portion of the syllabus to the class. Vivian is also a candidate for a scholarship to attend the NVTI or DBS degree programs at CBS. I had the idea to raise money before I came to intern, and we’ve decided we want to use this money as scholarships for young women to attend a semester at CBS. I am excited to get to know my students better, and I will keep writing about their success as the course continues.

For today’s second class meeting each student will be doing a short 2-3 minute speech about who they are, using a word that best describes them and why. As I was thinking about this assignment that I gave to my class I started to wonder what I would say. What word would I use to best describe myself? After pondering this question, I think I’d use the word “servant.” I know this word has a negative connotation, but I believe it’s possible to be a servant-leader who is passionate about helping others. Whatever the task given to me I do it with passion and tenacity. I am a person that is constantly asking what I can do to help and how I can best serve.

Being here in Navrongo has been challenging because I don’t always know what I can do to serve. I’m teaching at CBS, but in everyday life I want to help too. The other night I wanted to help the CBS director make Banku (a starchy food similar to mashed potatoes), but I didn’t know how to help. Then he told me to turn the Banku with a spoon. I was supposed to turn the Banku a certain way, but I kept doing it wrong. Here I’m like a small child, I don’t know how to do very much by myself. Although I’m still passionate about helping others it’s a little harder to figure out what exactly I can do. Hopefully I’ll learn with time.


About the author:
Jeanette is a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and was our first volunteer from the United States. Jeanette conducted a Public Speaking Skills class from May until July 2016. She also helped with publicity of CBS to the local community, writing newsletters and she conducted interviews for the newest CBS video on volunteering opportunities.

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