Yummy in my tummy – my favorite snack time here!!


Author of this post:

CBS Project Manager Melanie


During school days, my usual snack is roasted corn. The corn is roasted and served just like that – natural, with no butter, salt or pepper, just pure, natural corn wrapped into a corncob leave. There is a lady selling the corn by the roadside not far from CBS and in the early afternoon, I normally like taking a stroll there to get something to nibble off. Soon, so I hope, a new season will start and a different type of corn, which is served boiled will start appearing on the market – I am already looking forward to that!

Corn Snack Pic

But there are these other days when I feel more like having a treat. A more heavy snack. With hothothot pepper, how we call chilli here. On such days, I opt for Kose. There are so many names for Kose: Kose, Koose, Kosai, Kwasi, Akara, Akla, Akara, bean cake or how maybe they can be described and translated best: black-eyed pea fritters. They are heavy and above all greasy, but soo delicious!

For the dough, black-eyed peas (either flour or soaked and blended), onions, salt, pepper (chilli), ginger, garlic and at times even tomatoes and eggs are mixed and beaten well. Then they are fried in oil and flipped until they are golden brown. Kose are eaten with dried pepper, or if lucky, you’ll find a place where they even fry an onion-tomatoes-dried pepper-mix for you to go with it!

With the black-eyed peas flour, Kose are easy and fast to make yourself! If the flour is not available though, it takes a little more effort. You want to give it a try? Check out this video!



 About the author:
Melanie is a social anthropologist and holds a MA in Development Studies with a focus on Local Development Strategies from the distinguished Institute of Social Studies in The Hague. She is a qualified trainer of youth leaders in Africa-Europe Youth Cooperation and has led youth projects in Switzerland, Ghana and Kenya.
Melanie is a Co-Founder of CBS Business School and the Co-President of Sono
Foundation Switzerland.






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