Wearing a sweater at 27°C


Author of this post:

CBS Project Manager Melanie


Last night, it started raining and it rained, and rained, and rained and rained, and rained… around 1pm it stopped shortly, just to continue again… In the morning, the temperature was around 27° C. Even though that is actually not cold, compared to what temperatures my body got accustomed in the past months, I felt it was cold – or at least chilly – and YES, I wore a sweater at 27°C!!!😛


Just some months ago, it used to be around 40° in the middle of the afternoon. BUT, normally, already in the mornings the thermometer on my phone would state information like: “Feels like 55°C”. If I had not been here myself, I would have also just shook my head and not believed. But yes, at times it was really really unbelievably hot. And what do the children here do? Closing from school at 3pm, in the hottest of the hottest sun, they are still running around, playing football on a field with not an inch of shade.

I was far less active than that!! We maybe rather managed to find a place a little cooler under a nice old mango tree and slip on a beer!!! And on very hot days, we would take a trip to Tono to the canals and take a refreshing dip!!

The Navrongo-Tono dam is one of the largest agricultural dams in West Africa built in the 70’s/80’s and sourced from the river Tono. It serves as a place for year round farming. The 2 mile long dam serves seven villages in the Kassena Nankana District and about 2,490 hectares land is irrigated with water from the Tono dam. Crops cultivated here are mainly rice, soya, beans and tomatoes.

As I hear, the dam has created the ideal conditions for a snail type which participates in the life cycle of the schistosomiasis parasite. Despite this parasite danger, the dam and canals offer opportunities for swimming. A lot of people also use the canals for washing or bathing. So, with the necessary caution, you can enjoy swimming on days with a blazing hot sun!!







As you might have already read in another post, there’s a club house in Tono. There’s a swimming pool, for which the water is also supplied from the dam.

Tono Clubhouse




A lot more fun and very very refreshing though is to swim directly in the canals!

tono swimming


Now as I’m writing this, it’s past 10pm, and according to the weather app, the temperature has gone down to 23°. Luckily, my body has adjusted fast and NO, I am no longer wearing a sweater😉


 About the author:
Melanie is a social anthropologist and holds a MA in Development Studies with a focus on Local Development Strategies from the distinguished Institute of Social Studies in The Hague. She is a qualified trainer of youth leaders in Africa-Europe Youth Cooperation and has led youth projects in Switzerland, Ghana and Kenya.
Melanie is a Co-Founder of CBS Business School and the Co-President of Sono
Foundation Switzerland.










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