Sunday Funday – Ladies only!


Author of this post:

CBS Project Manager Melanie


Some few weeks ago, we started a new Diploma in Business Studies Weekend Class. This enables young ladies who already completed the NVTI Secretaryship course and are now working in an office to further their education on part-time basis over the weekend.

This is how come I now also spend a lot of time at CBS during weekends, while there is not really a task for me. As these are weekends after all, I had made up my mind not to do any managerial or conceptual work like I do during weekdays. So, that is how come I decided to launch a new initiative: “ICT for GIRLS“! A free, very tangible training for teenage girls. In Junior and Senior Highs Schools, the ICT training is rather very theoretical, as the infrastructure is a challenge. Even though it is one of the subjects tested in the national exams both after Junior High and Senior High, many students graduate from Senior High without having any practical experience at working on the computer. During the “ICT for GIRLS!” classes, we for a moment forget about all theoretical aspects and the many many definitions they need to learn by heart at school, but we focus on exercise, exercise, exercise! The goal is that the girls master Microsoft Word after completing this course .


Our first “ICT for GIRLS!” Group


In our first group, we have 13 dynamic girls from the ages 8-15 years. In the first lesson, we quickly repeated the terms of the different parts of the MS Programme Window and then learnt about the functions of eight command buttons of the “Home Tab”. This was done in a very interactive way with flash cards – quite different from how most students here are used to learn in the regular classrooms. And then already it was time for practice, practice, practice!! The time flew and before I realized, we were far over time! “Madam, already??!!”. Yes, already 🙂 But next Sunday again, we will continue and again have two full hours for more and more exercises – as Practice Makes Perfect!

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