Hello, my name is Linda



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CBS NVTI certificate student Linda




My name is Linda and I come from Chiana in the Upper East Region.  I am twenty (20) years of age. I have four siblings: three brothers and one sister. The church I attend is Calvary Charismatic Centre (CCC).

My traditional family house is a mud house with a flat roof and a ladder to climb. During the dry season, we  sometimes sleep on the flat roof, put fresh millet there to dry,  and dry vegetables, for example Kenaf, a green leave vegetable.


This is my family house in Chiana and the lady who you see in the door of the room is my grandmother. She did the traditional paintings on the wall.


Chiana is a small town. I am from a farmers’ community.



This is one of the crops many people sow in the community, which is millet.



When it gets to March – May, the weather is too hot in Chiana. The road to Chiana is full of potholes as can be seen in the picture.


This is the road to Chiana, which is not in a good condition, especially during the raining season we struggle.


I completed my Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) at Ayagitam Junior High School in the year 2015.

In October 2015, my father brought me to CBS in Navrongo. Navrongo is a municipality with about 30’000 inhabitants in the Kasena-Nankana  District.

I am very happy that my father brought me to CBS. I learn a lot of things, because during the time I was in Junior High School, when our teacher taught ICT I didn’t understand anything. Now I understand it. I know how to type and how to use Microsoft Word and Excel. I know how to create an email address and how to send messages. And now, I am even also learning how to write a blog!

I am very happy for being at CBS.



This is me inside CBS.



About the author:

Linda is a second year NVTI Secretaryship student. She joined CBS in the beginning of 2016 (5th batch) and will graduate in the end of 2017.









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