Weekend fun!


Author of this post:

CBS Project Manager Melanie


Today, I am giving you a “live update” out of the “ICT for GIRLS” class room ūüôā We have different groups on Saturday and Sunday. At times, it can be a little chaotic!

Most girls here have a lot of household chores to do. Saturdays and Sundays, they are often busy washing clothes, fetching water, helping with the cooking, helping with the farming and so on… the tasks are just many! That is one of the reasons why some of them don’t come on time, why some don’t come every week or why some even miss several classes in a row. On the other hand, there are members in the CBS GIRLS’ CLUB who show up both Saturday and Sunday, even though they are supposed to be in one group only. In addition to that, we don’t always have electricity – for example last Saturday.

So today, I had members showing up a whole hour ahead of time. Others came late. Then also members of the Sunday group came, even though they know that they should come on one day only…. you can imagine that it is always hectic, loud and lively! It indeed is quite a contrast to classes with our regular students doing the vocational training programmes. Sometimes, it makes sense to be strict and not start before time. But other days, I think it’s also good to just go with the flow of how it happens. (and no, being consequent is not also the best solution, because the girls don’t even really have the chance to come on time, as none of them has a watch and they normally don’t know what time it is when they come…I had girls coming in at 10am instead of 1pm and being very surprised that it’s still that early when I told them to go and come again…)

As the girls had missed last week’s lesson due to the power cut, we started early today, and all the Sunday group members were allowed to stay – but not to solve exercises themselves, but to help their friends in the Saturday group.


Deborah, member of the Sunday Group, explaining something to two members of the Saturday Group.


About the author:
Melanie is a social anthropologist and holds a MA in Development Studies with a focus on Local Development Strategies from the distinguished Institute of Social Studies in The Hague. She is a qualified trainer of youth leaders in Africa-Europe Youth Cooperation and has led youth projects in Switzerland, Ghana and Kenya.

Melanie is a Co-Founder of CBS Business School and the Co-President of Sono Foundation Switzerland.

The CBS blog is written by staff members, volunteers and by CBS students. The various authors write about courses and activities at CBS as well as about daily life, the culture of Navrongo and their intercultural experiences and travel adventures.

The purpose of the blog is to provide an insight of daily life at CBS and in Navrongo to future volunteers, to families and friends of volunteers and to supporters of CBS / SFS.

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