Until the lions learn to write….


Author of this post:

CBS Project Manager Melanie


“Until the lions learn how to write, every story will glorify the hunter”

This blog was started with the official launch of our volunteer programme in 2014. Thanks to the blog, family and friends of the volunteers can follow their experiences and adventures here at CBS, in Navrongo and in Ghana. Also, interested persons who think about applying to volunteer at CBS get a good insight about how such an internship could look like and how life in Navrongo is like.

So, until recently, volunteers were the only contributors. Soon, the director of CBS will start contributing to it, blogging about his work as co-founder and director of CBS. In the summertime, we celebrated a speech competition, in which one of our regular NVTI students, Linda, won in the category of the youngest participants. The winners of all categories won a little price, of which a computer lesson was part. As Linda already learns a lot of ICT during the NVTI course, we agreed that she would learn something special for this price. This is how come that she is the first student to also contribute, with texts, pictures and even also a short video is in preparation! You can read her first blog post here, and just keep watching this space for more to come! If you have a minute or two, why not leave a comment behind and let Linda know how you liked her posts – I’m sure she’d love it!

About the author:
Melanie is a social anthropologist and holds a MA in Development Studies with a focus on Local Development Strategies from the distinguished Institute of Social Studies in The Hague. She is a qualified trainer of youth leaders in Africa-Europe Youth Cooperation and has led youth projects in Switzerland, Ghana and Kenya.
Melanie is a Co-Founder of CBS Business School and the Co-President of Sono Foundation Switzerland.

The CBS blog is written by staff members, volunteers and by CBS students. The various authors write about courses and activities at CBS as well as about daily life, the culture of Navrongo and their intercultural experiences and travel adventures.

The purpose of the blog is to provide an insight into daily life at CBS and in Navrongo to future volunteers, to families and friends of volunteers and to supporters of CBS / SFS.

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For more information about volunteering at CBS, you can click here.

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