What electoral violence can cause


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CBS NVTI Certificate Student Linda



Tomorrow, it will be a voting day in Ghana. We will elect our president for the next four years. And I wish to contribute my view on this very important issue.

I wish to plead each and everyone to vote with peace. And I also want to tell you three things that electoral violence can cause.

First and foremost, we will not get development if there is no peace in the country. We will not get somebody to do something that will develop the country in times of conflict. If we do not have peace to vote, where will we get development? So if we all vote in peace, we will all be happy.

Secondly, people will die, especially the men will die and leave their wives and children into problems. And some of the women don’t have any work. They will be struggling to take care of their children and how to pay their school fees. But, if we vote in peace, there will be no violence and nobody will die. Both men and women will help each other to take good care of their children and families, and the government will help us to get development, too.

Lastly, people will get injured and some of these might be permanent injuries. The people will then be in the house and no longer able to work. Most of the people involved in violence often are men. When they get a disability, they can no longer take care of their children and pay school fees. Then, some of the children will stop attending school and will start to steal or rob. Especially the girls will start to depend on boys to get their needs and wants, which will lead some of them to teenage pregnancy. The girls are then in the house struggling to take care of the child and themselves and no longer attend any school. Which will not help our country.

In conclusion, I will like to plead each and everyone to come together as one and one to vote for the one who will bring development to our beloved Ghana.

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About the author:

Linda is a second year NVTI Secretaryship student. She joined CBS in the beginning of 2016 (5th batch) and will graduate in the end of 2017.

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2 thoughts on “What electoral violence can cause

    • cbsnavrongo says:

      Dear Tamara, thank you for your comment. I spent the election day in my home town Chiana. I didn’t need to stand in the queue for so long – maybe only some 20 minutes. The MP and Chiana Chief were there too. The day was peaceful here.
      Best regards, Linda

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