2016 Elections


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CBS NVTI Certificate Student Linda




Last week, the President of the 4th Republic of Ghana, J.M. visited the Chief’s Palance in Navrongo during his 2016 campaign. That day, after the Chief’s Palace, he travelled to many other places in our region. At the Chief’s Palace in Navrongo, the people were very happy to see him and to hear what he had to say. Everything went on well and peacefully that day. Have a look at the video of his convoy I captured!

I recorded this short video with a smartphone I borrowed from Madam. After the first police car, you see a car with some armed men standing in the doors. The black car following this one immediately is the car in which Mr. President John Dramani Mahama was travelling. On the way in, towards the Chief’s Palace, he waved at me. Unfortunately, I was now standing on the other side of the car and you don’t really see him in the video.

On December 7th, the voting day, I travelled to my hometown Chiana to vote. That is where I am registered as a voter. At the polling station, I stood in the line for about 30 minutes. There were four tables with four persons sitting there.

At the first table, they checked my name. At the second table, they used the computer to see whether my face matches my name and picture in the database and where they used a biometric machine to verify my identity also with my fingerprint. They put your little finger of the left hand in color, so that it prevents people from voting a second or several times. Then, the third table is where they gave me a paper with all seven presidential candidates on for me to vote for the one I like. There was a small structure with a table and ink for me to enter so that nobody will see the one I was voting for. The ink is there for you to use your thumb of your right hand to print a stamp next to the candidate’s picture. The last table is where they gave me a list of the MPs to vote for the one I like. At that place too, you follow the process you used to vote for the presidential candidate. After following all the procedures and rules, I went to the house.

The result has not yet been declared, but probably the biggest opposition party will win. Click here to read an article by the news agency Reuters on the elections. And I would like to plead everybody that, we should all come together as one and work for our beloved Ghana.

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About the author:

Linda is a second year NVTI Secretaryship student. She joined CBS in the beginning of 2016 (5th batch) and will graduate in the end of 2017.

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