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CBS Director Gordon

Today, let’s read from Vera (26 years old):

“When I completed Junior High School, my results did not help me get a school. I did not have hope for school again. Master Henry talked to me, and now, I am a student of CBS! CBS helps me a lot. Now, I can speak better English than before I came to CBS. The computers and typewriters also help me a lot. If I complete well, my brother promised to get a place where I can do secretarial work as my own business. I am very happy to be at CBS because the masters are doing their best for us to end with a good certificate.”

Representatives of KfE with CBS students and teachers

Vera was part of our very first batch of students.

About the author:

Gordon is a teacher with heart and soul. In 2009, he founded Sono Foundation Ghana, and in 2010, he co-founded CBS Business School Navrongo. He is the director of CBS and teaches English and Business Communication.

Gordon holds a University degree in “Business Administration”, is a professional teacher and teaches since more than 20 years. For almost 10 years, he held leading positions at private schools in the metropolis Kumasi. Born and raised in Navrongo, the development of the region and its people is a matter near to Gordon’s heart. Since 2010, Gordon again lives in Navrongo and works tireless for the education of youth.

The CBS blog is written by staff members, volunteers and by CBS students. The various authors write about courses and activities at CBS as well as about daily life, the culture of Navrongo and their intercultural experiences and travel adventures.

The purpose of the blog is to provide an insight into daily life at CBS and in Navrongo to future volunteers, to families and friends of volunteers and to supporters of CBS / SFS.

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