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CBS NVTI Certificate Student Linda





From May – July 2016, a volunteer from United States, Madam Jeanette, came to CBS and organized a public speech skill class.

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The public speaking class students


In fact, the class was very great because we learned how to organize a speech, things to consider when organizing a speech, and the purpose of a hook. A hook is used to draw the attention of the audience. We learned that a standard speech should have an Introduction, a Body of the speech and a Conclusion, and we also learned that all speech has a GOAL and an Expectation. We have information speech, persuasive speech and ceremonial speech. We learned a lot of things in the class. The class has helped me because at first, I was afraid to stand in front of people and speak or to give a speech.

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The audience enjoying the speech


But now I have confidence to stand in front people and speak or give a speech. And at the end of the class, we did a competition and I stood with confidence and presented a speech and I, Pwakem Linda, won the competition! That made me know that I have learned something.

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Me standing with confindence giving my speech.


I spoke about Road Accidents. As we all know many people die when driving especially during occasional days like Christmas and Easter and that causes population reduction. I spoke about this because; when they die they leave their children in suffering. Due to this, some of the children leave school and some of them especially the girls follow boys to get their needs and wants. By doing this, some get pregnant and are now struggling to take care of themselves and their children. Meanwhile if their parents are there to take care of them, they may become somebody in the future.

I nowadays use the skills I learned in the course when I am talking to people. When I am talking to people, I try to be loving (to give smile) with them.

I will like to plead each and everyone who will like to volunteer and come and help us learn some course so that we will also become better in the future. What I mean is that, learning a skill will help us to do better than what we are.

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Thank you Madam Jeanette!



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Linda is a second year NVTI Secretaryship student. She joined CBS in the beginning of 2016 (5th batch) and will graduate in the end of 2017.

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