Funerals, funerals.

Author of this post: CBS Project Manager Melanie   Today morning, I was asked to “go and greet a funeral”. I refused. At some point I stopped counting, but in the last four months, I attended about 15-20 funerals. In average, it was about a funeral a week. I arrived in Navrongo during the dry … Continue reading Funerals, funerals.

Travel Ghana with Laura ;)

  Author of this post: CBS Volunteer 2014/15 Tamara   Some two days oo! On the 19th of January my friend and now junior sister Laura arrived at Kotoka airport in Accra. We started our trip from there and spent 5 days in the capital. After a frustrating first day at the immigration office, we … Continue reading Travel Ghana with Laura 😉


  Author of this post: CBS Volunteer 2014/15 Tamara   The funeral, as expected, was very interesting to see. First, all the people gathered at the Funeral House decorated in red and black, the funeral colours. That is the house the deceased person or his family lived in, and there everyone could watch the corpse … Continue reading FUNERAL